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Background Checks and summer . . . what’s the connection?

Background checks and summer . . . what’s the connection?

Summer time is when many of us put our children in the hands of others.  It may be so they have care while we work or to give them a chance to learn a new sport or activity to keep them happy during the long summer weeks.  It might be a combination of both.

The question is – do you know who is really caring for your child – or, if you are a business that offers these activities, who is caring for your client’s child?

You don’t want to take chances.  As a parent, you need to be asking if the organization offering a summer camp or activity does background checks on their employees AND volunteers.   As an organization, it is your responsibility to do it.

Pedophiles seek out opportunities when they can be around children.  Often churches or other organizations may have a protocol they follow for employees, but unpaid volunteers are just as important.

The cost of a background check can easily be absorbed in the tuition or fees for camps and by conducting them; you can promote this aspect when you are filling up your camps and classes.  The good will you develop with the community and parents is one where they know you consider a child’s safety as your number one priority.

AISG (Advanced Investigative Services Group), offers extensive background checks for their clients.  As parents themselves, they know the importance of having someone you can trust care for your child. 

One mother told AISG of a Karate School her daughter participated in.  “I actually heard of the Karate school from one of my friends.  I just assumed that companies who are child focused do background checks.  I feel foolish that I never did ask.  Luckily I could attend the classes with her but did feel uncomfortable when I saw just how ‘chummy’ this particular instructor was with the kids.  When I was informed of additional opportunities for my daughter to come to the school – for a ‘parent’s night out’, for example, I was not interested since I personally did not know the people.  A few weeks after my daughter’s classes ended, I was watching the morning news one day and his face was shown.  I was sick to my stomach to learn he was arrested as a child molester.  Many parents who had children as part of their program started talking to each other and to our children.  It really hit home.”

For a very reasonable price, a company can check out an employee or volunteer and be assured of what they provide.  Not doing this and heaven forbid, hiring a pedophile can have serious repercussions.  Aside from the horror of knowing you may have prevented an innocent child’s pain, future business is affected and you have legal ramifications. 

For parents looking to hire a nanny or babysitter for the summer, the price to do a thorough background check is about the same cost as only one day of the babysitter/nanny fees.”