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Sexual Harassment in the workplace

How many of you know someone who has been sexually harassed?  A large percentage of women in the workplace deal with this on a fairly regular basis.  In working with a variety of industries and markets, we’ve seen the level of what is accepted varies greatly.  In some areas,  a remark about someone’s appearance, such as, “You sure look good today” is a no-no but in others,  it seems widely accepted among employees to go after someone they are interested in and some even go as far as inappropriate touching and stalking.

If you have heard of the possibility of sexual harassment going on in your company, you need to take it seriously.  Consider hiring an investigator to look at the situation objectively and thoroughly.  The victim is often more likely to open up to a 3rd party individual who has experience with these situations vs. someone internally who may use it against them if it suits their needs.  AISG handles these cases very sensitively and treats the victim with respect.  AISG Stalking & Sexual Harassment Investigations