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Asset Search

  • In civil judgments when a law suit is possible, learning the feasibility of what is collectible is important.
  • AISG is able to locate the assets owned by the individual you are looking to file a lawsuit against.  AISG’s asset searches are always done using a tiered process to ensure you don’t spend anymore than you must to find assets.
  • People who can be sued often go through careful measures so their assets CANNOT be tied to them.  These are the folks who you hire us to uncover.
  • In these cases, the “judgment debtor” has no bank account or assets in their name.  We are not deterred; we are experienced in the indirect methods to reach assets and income.  Indirect methods include businesses, through a friend or their spouse.
  • Learning of this information can avoid the need to even go to court as uncovering this information is often evidence enough.

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