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Babysitter Investigations & Nanny (or Nanna) Cams


Not knowing what goes on behind closed doors can be a scary thing for a parent.

When you hug your precious children and blow them kisses as you head out the door . . . how can you REALLY be sure they are in good hands?

Statistics show that people act and behave differently when they are not in the presence of others.  Children are vulnerable because they can’t always speak for themselves.  Are you willing to take the risk?

We’ve all heard of and seen some examples of some horrific stories of abuse or neglect – - or worse.  Our children are too precious to take that chance.

Chances are pretty good you will uncover one of the following or something in between:

  • Your child is being ignored and treated as not important.  The lovely nanny with a big smile suddenly turns sullen and sees your sweet child as an annoyance.
  • Your child is treated with harshness or disrespect.
  • Your child is physically mishandled or hurt . . your baby cries because she is hungry, but the nanny is irritated and forcefully yanks your baby out of their crib.
  • We need not go on.  We know so many other unspeakable things can happen when you are not there to protect your child/baby the same way you would.

Simply put – no one cares as much about your precious child as you do.

Be sure.  The discrete “nanny cams” can be hidden in your home and you can record and review immediately to stop any abuse in its tracks. Making a small investment in a simple nanny cam more than provides you with the reassurance you need to leave your child knowing, without a doubt, they are safe and in loving hands.

Nanna Cams

“I couldn’t believe my eyes . . . a woman who was supposed to be caring for Mrs. Olson completely ignored her.  Here Mrs. Olson was calling out for the care person to help her several times but the care person pretended like she was not even there. She just kept texting her friends. If I was Mrs. Olson’s family member, I would be appalled by the inhumanity of it . . . and to knowing that the family is spending EXTRA money to give her the special care to ensure her needs are being met just makes my blood boil”.

Story by Nursing Home Activity Director

Most of us will come to a time in our lives when we or a loved one needs care as we age.  Every human being deserves respect and to be treated with dignity, sensitivity and kindness.

Your parent or loved one has given a lot in their long life .  .  . don’t risk having the wrong person care for them.  Elderly abuse is at an all time high.

Nanna cams can put your mind at ease.

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We don’t think twice about spending $2 on a cup of coffee every morning.  Why think twice about protecting our loved ones?  A nanny cam or nanna cam affords you piece of mind for as little as $2 a day. Don’t regret NOT doing what you could’ve possibly prevented.

We also recommend to our clients they let their nannies or care people know you use video surveillance in your home.  This is recommend for two primary reasons, the first being the deterrent factor as they will not know where the cameras are and the second being a cost issue as most families cannot afford to cover their entire home with cameras.

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