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Background Checks

  • You don’t want to take chances by assuming what someone tells you is fact.
  • Don’t risk your family, business or a child’s safety. AISG can provide you with what you need to know about a potential employee or volunteer.
  • Remember, someone who needs a background check doesn’t always “look” like they do.
  • We may all have our preconceived stereotypes of what a “bad guy” looks like. Just because they dress well or have a great smile, does not mean they are trustworthy. Ted Bundy, for example, was opposite of the stereotype – he was a good looking, charming man – who ended up being a serial killer.
  • Our criminal background checks are comprehensive and thorough using the most extensive nation-wide databases available to Private Investigators.

Employee Background Checks

A routine reference and employment history review only tells you so much when you are considering a new hire.  References are only those your interviewee is smart enough to know will give them a good review.  Employment history typically only gets to basic information, such as hire and termination dates.  This does not provide you with a lot of help.

Can you take a chance?  The cost of damage in making the wrong hire is far greater than the small investment it takes to have a thorough background check on a potential hire.

Nanny or Babysitter Background Checks

Your child means the world to you. What you see is not always what you get when you interview that friendly nanny. You cannot tell enough about the person who you might entrust with your precious child with just by meeting them. Most nannies may “seem nice” in an interview, but why take a chance?

Can you put a dollar amount on your child’s safety? You already take measures to ensure your child’s safety by using car seats. You can have us do a thorough background check on your nanny or babysitter for less than most car seats cost. Don’t ever hear yourself say, “If only I had done a background check.”

Future spouse

Unless it’s already happened to you, you might not think that adoring fiancé or boy/girl friend could possibly do any wrong. Unfortunately, that is what some prospective spouses are hoping you’d think.

It doesn’t just happen in the movies. Sometimes things can be too good to be true. From infidelity to someone who wants you just for your money, it’s important you know what you are getting yourself into.

It’s more than just listening to your gut . . . you can listen to your concerned friends and family and call us at AISG. Remember, we’re the good guys (and gals). We are on your side.

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If you are a leader in a volunteer organization, you are constantly working in a delicate balance of finding enough volunteers for the area of need. Just because someone signs up to volunteer, it does not mean their heart is pure.  You cannot take a risk on someone who could risk your charitable status, steal from the contributions provided to your organization by your generous donors or worse – hurt or abuse someone within the organization.

Many organizations assist children in need.  These children are already a target of predators or have already been victimized.  The “bad guys” seek out opportunities to be in the presence of children, particularly in volunteer organizations that bring the children in.  Don’t take a chance that the person who wants to donate their time has pure motives.

Educational and Child-oriented Organizations

Parents are counting on you to ensure their child’s safety.   There is no excuse for not taking every precaution possible to keep the children in your care safe.  According to VIRTUS* organization, child predators seek to getting involved in organizations that work with children.

You can do something NOW to prevent possible abuse of the precious children you are responsible for.  One of the easiest ways to protect the innocence of the children is by starting with Background Checks of every person who may come into contact with a child. Help protect each and every child’s future and keep them safe.
Link to Sexual Abuse Video by Virtus Organization

*VIRTUS is the brand name that identifies best practices programs designed to help prevent wrongdoing and promote “rightdoing” within religious organizations. The VIRTUS programs empower organizations and people to better.
The word virtus derives from Latin, and means valor, moral strength, excellence, and worth. In ancient times, virtus denoted a way of life and manner of behavior that always aspired to the highest, most positive attributes of people and aspects of human interaction.

Elderly Care Background Checks

“I couldn’t believe my eyes . . . a woman who was supposed to be caring for Mrs. Olson completely ignored her.  Here Mrs. Olson was calling out for the care person to help her several times but the care person pretended like she was not even there. She just kept texting her friends. If I was Mrs. Olson’s family member, I would be appalled by the inhumanity of it . . . and to knowing that the family is spending EXTRA money to give her the special care to ensure her needs are being met just makes my blood boil”.

Story told to us by Nursing Home Activity Director

(Yes, she took proper measures to make sure this woman was fired when she witnessed this.)

Most of us will come to a time in our lives when we or a loved one needs care as we age.  Every human being deserves respect and to be treated with dignity, sensitivity and kindness.

Your parent or loved one has given a lot in their long life .  .  . don’t risk having the wrong person care for them.  Elderly abuse is at an all time high. Call AISG to have us conduct a thorough background check to ensure their safety.

If you are in charge of hiring people for your facility or are trying to find in-home care for your loved one, a thorough background check is necessary.