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People Search

Rather than spending your time coming up empty handed as you try to locate someone, AISG’s specialty is just this.
  • We are equipped with the most up-to-date information that is not typically found using public records.
  • Our licensed private investigators specialize in finding people.
  • In most situations, it is fairly simple to locate someone, although for those who are trying NOT to be found, an estimate will be developed based upon the information you are able to provide.

What to expect when you hire AISG to locate someone:

  1. Call us to discuss what you need. We will tell you right away if we think we can help you . . . or not. We’ll be up front with you from the beginning.
  2. Each “people search” case is unique and will be judged based on the requestor’s reason for the search. If the search is personal (not related to an order of the court), we will ask specific questions as to why you want to locate the person being sought. We will not assist people looking to stalk or find people with whom there is a history of family violence. We reserve the right to first contact the person being sought to ensure they are comfortable with us releasing their information to the requestor.
  3. Give us all you’ve got. When you hire us, provide us with everything you know – big or small. If you know they like bowling, tell us. If they are a coffee drinker, that matters too. Relatives, friends, the kind of work they do/have done, health conditions, habits, personality, lifestyle. Any information you can provide gives us a head start and at the end of the day, saves you money.
  4. We work within your deadlines. Just let us know WHEN you need to find them and we’ll let you know in advance if it’s possible.
  5. We won’t keep you in the dark. Depending on the situation, we will provide you with regular status updates through email or phone, keeping you informed as to our next steps.
  6.  When they don’t want to be found: In rare situations, a person is trying hard NOT to be found as would be the case of a person that is being sought by law enforcement. Our typical success rate, however, is 96% of the time, we will find the individual we are looking for.

Contact us with your inquiry

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Why AISG and not a website “Instant People Find” search?

The simple answer. Some of the resources found in the instant results on the internet are not licensed and therefore do not have access to the same information as an Investigative firm. It is true there is more information available on-line than ever before, although much of it is information you already have access to. For the price and accuracy, working with a licensed private investigator is always best.

How much do you charge?

While we cannot quote anything specific without talking to you and assessing your needs, our hourly rate starts at $90 depending on your situation. You can call us to discuss what you need and one of our Investigative Consultants can work through this with you at no obligation.