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Collecting on Child Support – it’s the children that suffer

Stephanie* was so fulfilled taking care of her 4 young children and family.  She stopped working when her first child was born, determined to be the best mother and wife possible.  She could have continued in her career but she and her husband mutually decided that being a full time mom is the most important career in the world.  Things were going along fine until her husband, Tod*,  decided life with 4 kids was too much.  He never really took an interest in the children and was becoming more and more disconnected from Stephanie.  One day he left and everything fell apart. 

While child support and alimony was eventually agreed upon, Stephanie’s ex-husband stopped paying it after 3 months.  Now it was if he dropped off the face of the earth.  No support, no contact or interest in their 4 young children. 

Unfortunately, this scenario happens all the time.  Many women find themselves losing everything and then struggle to provide for their children.  We may think it is all about maintaining the life style the mother and children are used to, but in reality, many find themselves struggling to pay the bills.  “It is so difficult” said Stephanie, “I never imagined this would happen to me.  I thought I was doing the right thing and we were getting along and now I fear we may end up on the street.  I have been out of my career too long to jump into the kind of pay I need to support my children.  If I hired a babysitter or send them to daycare, the cost would be a lot more than I’d earn.  I get aid from the government, but it is just not enough.  It’s so humiliating.  Last summer we were at the neighborhood pool with the other kids and moms and now I am struggling to just get enough money together to get new shoes for the kids and pay the utility bills in my small apartment.  If only I could find Tod and get him to take responsibility to at least help support his own children, things wouldn’t be so bad.”

With AISG, we have a soft spot in our hearts for women in Stephanie’s situation.  No child should have to suffer because of a parent’s lack of responsibility and inability to do the right thing.  We want to help.  We not only find the irresponsible party, but can also disclose hidden assets and funds that can help take care of the innocent children.   If you or someone you care about is in Stephanie’s situation, please call and talk with us about your options with a no-obligation consultation.

*Names changed to protect privacy.

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