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Indicators to look for in an unfaithful spouse:

  • Your mate is working longer hours.
  • Your spouse is dressing nicer, caring more about their appearance.
  • You notice charges on credit card statement that don’t make sense.
  • Your spouse seems more secretive.
  • Your spouse is indifferent to family events like birthdays and holidays.
  • There is considerably less intimacy in your relationship. Your sex life is practically non-existent.
  • You can’t get your spouse to communicate with you.
  • You spouse has become lazy, especially around the house.
  • Your spouse gets very defensive if you mention infidelity or affairs.
  • Your spouse is suddenly more attentive than usual.
  • You find your partner has been lying to you about a variety of things.
  • Money becomes more of an issue between the two of you.
  • He/she doesn’t want to go anywhere or do anything with you anymore.
  • You can’t even get your mate to fight with you.
  • You feel as if you are being avoided.
  • Your partner abandons religious faith.
  • Your spouse seems bored. Bored with you, with job, with kids, with hobbies, with life in general.
  • Your spouse seems to want danger or thrills in his/her life.

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