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When does infidelity occur?

We have all been exposed to infidelity at some point in our lives – either personally or through someone we know.  Often the first thought that comes to mind is “how did they find out?” or, “I would need to know”.  Truth is, it is getting easier to hide infidelity and unless someone was to continuously check their spouses’ emails, texts and call records AND follow them around wherever they go – - they have to rely on other ways to get answers.

Learning why and when infidelity often occurs can be helpful.  When does infidelity occur?  If you are suspicious, you can hire an investigator who specializes in Spousal Surveillance to help you learn the truth.  They can help you get reassurance or the truth through surveillance and other means.   If you are not sure, you can also check out “How to know if your spouse is committing adultery”.

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